Instagram for Business

instagramIf you’re a business owner who takes photos of your work on the go, then the best and easiest way to take those pictures is with your smart phone. For extra versatility, and a social media boost, use the Instagram app on your phone to take photos. Your web designer can even add an Instagram page to your website so that your photos appear on your website as soon as you take them!

Following are easy instructions for using Instagram for business purposes:

To Start using Instagram:

  1. On your phone, download the Instagram app from the Apple App Store (iPhone), Google Play Store (Droid), or Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone).
  2. Once the app is installed, tap the Instagram icon to open it.
  3. Tap Register with Email to sign up with your email address OR Register with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account. Make note of the email, username, and password you used.
  4. Once you’ve installed and registered the app, you can begin taking pictures.

To Take a Picture with Instagram:

  1. Tap the Instagram icon on your phone to open the Instagram app.
  2. When Instagram opens, tap the middle button (square with a circle in the middle) at the bottom to go to the picture taking screen.
  3. When you get to the picture taking screen:
    1. Select flash by clicking on the lightening bolt icon on bottom right. There are 3 flash options:
      • Lightning bolt with an “A” next to it – Automatic (the app decides)
      • Lightning bolt with a circle with a line through it – Flash Off
      • Lightning bolt with nothing next to it – Flash On
    2. Click the big round button at the bottom to take a picture.
      • You can use an existing photo from your phone’s gallery by pressing the icon to the left of the big round button and choosing the photo.
      • You can do a couple of things to the photo after you take it:
        • To straighten or rotate photo, tap the rotated square icon with a line through it, on the bottom left side.
          • Rotate: In the next screen, tap the round icon on the bottom left rotate. Keep tapping the icon until the pic is rotated the way you want it.
          • Straighten: (iPhone or Droid only) Drag your finger across the number grid at the bottom to right or left until the pic is straightened the way you want it.
          • After the pic is rotated or straightened, tap the blue checkmark on bottom right.
        • To brighten and enhance, tap sun icon at bottom right (not all phones).
        • You can also apply artistic filters, but these are not necessary for job photos.
  4. After you’re satisfied with the photo, tap the Next or arrow button at the top right.
  5. At the next screen you can add a photo description and share the photo on your Facebook or Twitter page.
  6. After you’ve added a description (if you want a description), tap the Share button or checkbox at the top right. And you’re done!

To view your photos, go to your profile by tapping the person icon at the bottom right.

To delete a photo, go to your profile, tap the photo you want to delete, tap the three dots on the bottom right, then select Delete. Deleting of photos can only be done from your phone.

Photo Descriptions

  1. To add a description after the photo has been taken, go to your profile, tap the photo, tap the comment bubble under the photo, add the description, then click the arrow to the right of the description.
  2. To delete a comment, press and hold the comment then choose Delete Comment.
  3. You cannot edit a comment, so if you wish to change it, you must delete it and add a new comment.


  • You cannot search for photos you’ve taken, sort photos, or put them in any particular order. They appear in the order in which they were taken.
  • Everything in Instagram is done from your phone. You can access Instagram on a desktop, but you can’t do anything with the photos on the desktop app. The only thing you can do on the desktop app is add comments to photos (but deleting of comments must be done from phone).


ALL photos taken with the Instagram app will appear on the website Instagram feed immediately after they’re taken. Therefore, it’s important to add password access to your phone to keep it secure, to prevent unauthorized photos being taken with Instagram.

Hashtags for Extra Security

  • For an extra level of security, you may wish to add a hashtag only to those photos you wish to appear on the website feed. For instance, if you’re a roofer you could add the hashtag #roofing to photos of roofing jobs. Your web designer can add the #roofing hashtag filter to the Instagram web page code so that only pictures with the hashtag #roofing will appear on the page.
  • If you plan to add descriptions to Instagram photos and have those descriptions appear on the Instagram web page, you’ll need to add the description first and the hashtag second; otherwise, the hashtag will appear as the photo description.
  • If you wish to have separate pages for photos of different types of work, you can add different hashtags for different photos. Your web designer will add a separate hashtag filter to each Instagram web page. For instance, if you want one Instagram web page to show only roofing photos, you would add the hashtag #roofing to photos of roofing projects. If you want a separate web page to show only siding photos, use the hashtag #siding for siding photos.

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