Google Visually Similar Images and Other Sizes

googlesimilarimageContrary to popular belief, Google’s “similar images” and “other sizes” features are not gone, they’re just harder to find. Several years ago Google came up with a way to return images that look visually similar to an image you’ve found through Google Search, as well as find that image in other sizes. Then in 2013 the features “seem” to have disappeared, but in fact they were just buried.

To use Google’s “visually similar images” and “other sizes” features, do a search for an image on Google. Click on the image. In the next page that shows the image, click the link underneath the image title on the right side that says “Search by image”. You’ll be taken back to Google search and on the top of the page you’ll see the image you chose, links to other sizes (if available), and a little farther down you’ll see the link to “Visually similar” images.


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